Fattis & Monis

Boerewors, Spinach and Pasta Bake

Spicy Garlic Lime Shrimp & Pasta

Mac and Cheese Pizza Style

Spaghetti Carbonara

Seafood Lasagne

Pasta with Pilchards and Mushrooms

Creamy Chicken Livers on Shell Noodles

Chicken Cacciatore on Pasta

Spicy Mushrooms on Tagiatelli

Lamb Casserole on Macaroni

Tripe in Tomato and Garlic Sauce on Pasta

Beef Straganoff on Ribbon Noodles

Macaroni, Tuna and Gherkins Salad

Penne with Chicken and Green Bean Salad

Bolognese Sauce on Tagiatelli

Pasta Rice with Watercress and Bacon Salad

Smoked Fish and Pasta Salad

Pasta Caprese Salad



Chilli Con Carne
Pasta Bake

Sweet & Sour Beef
with Pineapple

Butternut, Sage &
Feta Lasagne

Tagliatelle with Seafood
& White Wine Sauce

Beef Strips in Tomato Sauce,
Carrots & Broccoli

Wholewheat Screws
with Tuna & Corn

Shells with Green
Beans & Pastrami

Mackerel, Peppers &
Chilli Dressing Spirals

Wholewheat Spaghetti
& Mediterranean Veg

Elbow Macaroni with
Creamy Mustard Chicken

Golden Macaroni with
Herb Crusted Tomato

Spaghetti &

Creamy Lokshen

Penne with
Olives & Feta

Beef Sausages with
Curved Shells & Chilli Relish

Chicken with
Red Pepper & Herbs

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